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HQT Staff Participating in Outward Bound Training Program

Time: 08/11/2011 12:21      writer: HQT-two way radios

HQT staff participated in the outward bound training program at Nanao, Shenzhen on Oct 29th, 2011. The program aims to boost employees’ morale and strengthens teamwork. All of them are very enjoyable and delighted. The activity achieved great success!

The outward bound training program included high-altitude challenge, graduation wall, trust fall back, and etc. Each was of challenge and needed full focus. All the staff got dressed in camp uniform.

Each member immersed himself or herself in the activity under the intriguing guidance of the coach. Especially playing the 4.5-meter high graduation wall, they completely ignored weariness and threw fear, holding the breath and believing “we can do it”. Everyone gave his or her hand in case of others’ fall down, and everyone was delighted to contribute their strength towards team’s success. Eventually, they completed the seemingly unreachable task in 12 minutes without breaking the rules, which won the recognition and praise of the coach.

Throughout the program, HQT staff showed their liveliness and creativity, embodying the bright future of HQT and its “warriors”.