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Celebrate the Successful Updating of HQT Website

Time: 29/05/2012 10:45      writer: HQT-two way radios
HQT updates its Website successfully on May. 29,2012. It took a long time for the Publicity Department and senior engineers to rewrite and reedit the website to replace its previous content and style, which cannot keep pace with the company development, especially with the new products, and cannot meet the demands of the growing diversifying demands of our overseas customers.
HQT has been in great development in successive years with the enlargement of its overseas market, which has now involved in every part of the world, therefore, the urgent necessity to have in a new look for its website. The new version provides a panoramal introduction of HQT and its latest multi-level products. Customers can find whatever they want in the website, and find it easier to contact with the company.
We will keep updating it with latest news and industry dynamics. We hope it much helpful for our customer cause.