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HQT Achieves Huge Accomplishment in System Solution Field

Time: 07/01/2012 12:20      writer: HQT-two way radios

Up to the end of 2011, HQT has achieved huge accomplishment in system solution field. As a professional wireless communication solution provider, we have worked out niche targeting system solution and helped many customers resolve the coverage problems.

One of the typical cases was the solution we designed for a government customer applied in a Power Station. Before taking HQT’s system solution, the Power Station had a very serious signal coverage problem, especially when Securities used their two-way radios in the tunnels; there was no signal at all. This signal coverage problem severely affected the communication between the workers so that there was a need to design a solution to fix this problem. HQT’s professional engineering team analyzed the field test data and environment, organized several meetings and finally designed an effective and efficient solution plan to the customer. The solution was successfully implemented and eliminated all coverage issues with the high satisfaction from the customer.

In the coming year, HQT will keep developing more system solutions. HQT is very confident of becoming much stronger in providing the most practical and professional solution to our customers. HQT will keep striving for the satisfaction from the global market!