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HQT shining at the Global Source Fair in Hong Kong

Time: 19/10/2012 17:23      writer: HQT-two way radios
Global Source China Sourcing Fair was held at Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong from Oct.12 to Oct.15, 2012. As a wireless communication industry feast, the Global Source: China Sourcing Fair witnessed the booming of HQT--- one of the top3 Chinese wireless communication solution providers.
HQT features itself by complete product portfolio, wide publication and exquisite booth construction this year. HQT bring its new portables and mobile radio, with which HQT owns complete and excellent product portfolio. The new models held customer eyes. HQT also did a lot of publication before and during the exhibition, and a lot of customers promised to come for the new technology. The construction style is simple yet professional, which is in accordance with the taste of foreign customers.
People usually say “Laymen are overwhelmed by the fun while professionals try to find out the trick”. A lot of industry customers and professionals were attracted to HQT booth during the 4-day fair. Customers had realized that HQT was gradually becoming a high-class brand name in the sector. They talked with the competent salespersons and looked for further cooperation chance. And cooperation potentiality was greatly enhanced. HQT shows booming business prospect against the current economic crisis.
HQT is very clear about its path and its mission in the future. And the pragmatic and aggressive salespersons are very confident that they will spread HQT products to every corner of the world, and HQT will definitely be one of world-class brands in the foreseeable future.