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Chinese Police Digital Trunking Standard (PDT) Released

Time: 21/03/2012 11:51      writer: HQT-two way radios
Information and Communications Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security released Chinese Police Digital Trunking standard (PDT) on 20th April in Beijing.

"PDT is a fully patented and independently developed digital trunking standard. It will propel the growth of police communications equipment industry and bring more efficient and powerful communication solutions to the public security system," said Xiaodong Ma, Engineer-in-chief of Information and Communications Bureau.

PDT is known for its all-IP architecture, flexible and convenient networking, quality audio and data applications, responsiveness and encryption. Highly interoperable with the current GIS dispatching platform, PDT system copes with requirements from users of different levels, including national, provincial, municipal and etc. While it is designed for contingency of public security, PDT also serves professional communication users and operators in sectors like transportation, port/airport, and energy.