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Is it Worth the Risk to Buy Cheap Two-Way Radios?

Time: 21/03/2012 11:55      writer: HQT-two way radios
Beyond the risk of fire is the risk of not getting a good quality product and the risk of losing your product warranty. When you buy cheap two-way radios, you will face a lot of challenges. Inexpensive two-way radios are often unable to perform as advertised, and may not meet your needs.

 Inflated Range
The first major flaw with a discount two-way radio is that the operating range is often inflated. Some manufacturers list the range as a product of standing in a vacuum, with a straight line of sight and no interference between the two radios; a scenario that is never likely to occur naturally. In reality, many cheap two-way radios have anywhere from one half to one quarter of their advertised range, meaning that a one- to two-mile two-way radio may have a functional range of half a mile or less.

Never use an inexpensive two-way radio across large distances unless you've spoken to plenty of people who have used it and tested the range in a variety of scenarios, or read reviews from many users validating the range.

Poor Speakers Impairing Sound Quality
Hardware quality is just as crucial as the range of two-way radios. If you're using an inexpensive two-way radio with a poor-quality speaker, you may not understand half of what the other party is saying. A two-way radio is only as good as its component parts, and inexpensive two-way radios typically utilize cheap components. That equals poor sound quality, which can be a real issue if you need information in an emergency.

Low Battery Life
Another major disadvantage of inexpensive two-way radios is potentially low battery life. In some cases, if you're using standard batteries that you can purchase at any store, a cheap two-way radio chews through them in a matter of hours.

If your radio uses rechargeable two-way radio batteries, you've got a bigger problem, since you can't simply replace the batteries with the disposables sold in most stores. You'll need to carry spare batteries and be prepared to charge them regularly.

The two way radio can be a life saver in many dangerous situations. But the situation may become worse when you get cheap two way radios that have potential quality defects such as inflated range, poor speakers or low battery life. Do you think it worth the risk?