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Two Way Radios Add Safety and Enjoyment to Your Outdoor Acti

Time: 21/03/2012 11:56      writer: HQT-two way radios

Owing to the introduction of exciting features and smart models, two way radios are now very popular with outdoor men.

One of the exciting features in high-end models that are useful for outdoor users is a key that locks your channel so that it does not change when a person moves around. Other features include digital camera, AM/FM radio tuner, digital compass, alarm, thermometer and barometer and even stop watch.

Another exciting and innovative feature available in two way radios is the Auto Squelch that keeps the radio silent until a signal is received. It also has a last channel recall button that is similar to the redial button on a normal phone. Other useful features include an auto channel scan that scans all channels for signal, along with a backlit LCD that enables the user to see the display even in the dark. There is also a provision to attach more speakers and microphones.

Also, outdoor men like using modern two way radios for that they are usually water repellent while cell phones are not. If your two way radio gets wet, it will still work. Unfortunately, if you drop your cell phone in the water, your next stop will be at the store where you will be purchasing a new one. Due to the fact of the sensitive nature of most digital gadgets, they will need to be stored absent from moisture that may possibly corrode their circuit boards and ruin the batteries too. If you are rafting, kayaking, canoeing or boating, you really need a waterproof walkie-talkie.

For outdoor users, two way radios now come with various accessories that not only enhance its look, but also protect the radio when it is exposed to harsh conditions. These include waterproof cases, charging units, headsets and shoulder as well as belt holsters.

Most importantly, for outdoor users, two way radios can be life saving when emergency helps is needed on outdoor activities. Some two way radios have ranges well over 50 miles now. Spouses at home can be contacted in an emergency and help will be on the way within minutes.

All these features and accessories make two way radios the best communication gadgets for outdoor usage. Carrying two way radios definitely add more safety and enjoyment to your outdoor activities.