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TH-8000two way radios  
Portable name: TM-1000
Applications: Public Traffic, Traveling, Public Security.
5W/25W/ (45W/50W/60W) Transmit Power
  Users can talk in a large range, with such transmit power
512 Channels Capacity
  512 channels can full fill users’ requirements and make the communication between different groups of people much easier.
Remote Kill/Stun/Revive
  TM-1000 provides enhanced security to stop unauthorized use by remote inhibition of either transmit or transmit and receive. The inhibited radios will return to normal operation when receiving a release signal.
PTT ID Encode/Decode
  TM-1000 provides 5 signaling to encode/decode identification of radio to control center or partners through this function. It simplifies the way of communication and management.
  Product overview
TM-1000 is a new communication system of HQT, which is designed by the latest technology and craftsmanship. With proper care, TM-1000 can provide years of trouble-free operation. Compared to traditional two-way radio, TM-1000 has a bigger transmit power and it, therefore, has a bigger cover range. It can be installed indoors, on cars or somewhere which is necessary.
  Technical Specification
Frequency Range VHF: 136-174MHz Frequency Stability ±2.5PPM
UHF: 400-470 MHz
           450-520 MHz
Operating Temperature -25~55℃
Current Drain Standby < 300 mA Channel Capacity 512
Receive < 1.5A Channel Spacing 12.5 KHz/ 25KHz
Transmit < 8A Zone Capacity 64
Antenna Impedance 50Ω Operating Voltage 13.8V
Dimension (H×W×D) 172×151×40mm Weight (with antenna & battery) 1000g
RF Power (H/L) 5W/25W/ (45W/50W/60W)
Modulation 16KΦF3E/8KΦF3E FM Noise 40dB/35dB
Audio Distortion ≤5% Spurious and Harmonics -36dBm≤1GHz -30dBm≥1GHz
Sensitivity 0.22μV/0.25μV Adjacent Channel Selectivity 70 dB/ 60dB
Inter-modulation ≥65dB Spurious Respone Rejection ≥70dB
S / N 40dB / 35dB Internal Audio Power Output(Rated) 4W
External Audio Power Output(Rated) 10W